Sapadere Kanyonu

Hidden Paradise Sapadere Canyon & Mysterious Dwarfs Cave

Sapadere Canyon

Sapadere Kanyonu and village in the province of Alanya. Alanya within the borders of Alanya, 40 km to the center. 175 km from Antalya Airport away. Sapadere canyon and the village you can the canyon arround the facility, hygienic and denc ousdishes that appeal to your taste you will find. You’ll notice the difference with our understand ing of service quality and service. Met the most beatiful shades of gren when they see the naturebeauties will enchant you. Silk weaving works hop in the village, oldwillage homes, mosques and will have the opportlnity to seearound our school. 530 Canyon located in the Mt. Bullt bridgets made of wood, walking throught the long coastlines, will get agreat-looking waterfall and naturel wonders of the deep canyon, you will discover Sapadere. At the erd of these trails, natural swimmingpools, the source of the cool waters, able to svorr you will liveunforgettable momens. Natural wonder of the facility and see what we stil expect to lice the most memorable day. We have taken the name of the gren nature and the natural resource waters Sapadere Canyon and look forward to our village. Our facilityt has been serving 12 months.

Sapadere Canyon is a magnificent place situated 40 km far from Alanya city! Especially for visitors through the canyon 750 m long made walking-path and bridges from wood! Taking fresh air You’ll enjoy the beauty of nature, You’ll pass numerous waterfalls, You’ll have the possibility to swim in ice cold water! During this tour You’ll also visit village of Sapadere where You have a chance to taste traditional local food and feel Turkish hospitality!